Dirty Boxers: RAW [Episodes 51 – 100]

In ALL it’s humiliating and embarrassing glory, for the first time as a complete download, here are episodes 51 – 100* of the Dirty Boxers Show. The download comes in a single 1.88GB zip file with well over 40hrs of random discussion, interesting thoughts [somewhere] and insightful waffle… All these files are DRM-free.

Continue the adventures of the Dirty Boxers Podcast turning in to a show:

  • Colin the Voice of the Future,
  • Leigh giggling his balls
  • Scouting About on Scout Camp
  • Forgetting to take medication / Drinking while taking medication
  • One Word Weather
  • and Gay Olympic Games 2010

*Episode 58 was never released. It was lost due to a system crash.