Dirty Boxers: RAW [Episodes 1 – 50]

In ALL it’s humiliating and embarrassing glory, for the first time as a complete download, here are episodes 1 – 50 of the Dirty Boxers Show. The download comes in a single 2.53GB zip file with well over 40hrs of random discussion, interesting thoughts [somewhere] and insightful waffle… All these files are DRM-free.

Go back to the VERY beginning – when the Dirty Boxers Show wasn’t actually a show – but instead was a way for Leigh to ‘info dump’ his way out of his recently diagnosed depression and anxiety WAY back in April 2010. In the early episodes, please feel free to cringe as Leigh slowly finds his feet with this new experiment of his – dragging his student friends along for the ride. After a while, the diary entries slowly turn in to move of a ‘show’ with jingles and random segments.

You will truly hear [without any real planning or direction] how the Dirty Boxers Show you enjoy today was forged and developed organically.

Package includes:

  • All 50 episodes: Completely unedited, as they were released originally
  • The 7 unforgettable episodes of “Steve’s Story”
  • The first ever episode of Tony the Batty-Boy Tony
  • PLUS BONUS: All 3 editions of the ‘Mellow Hour’ which had Leigh as a guest co-host