Richard Vobes

Mr Vobes has been a long time friend of the Dirty Boxers Show - and now he has writing a series of Children's Books.

Richard has starred and produced in proper telly-box stuff, written books, created his own show and is such a nice guy, that Leigh is rather jealous! Leigh first stumbled across Richard when he was producing his legendary show "The Vobes Show" back in 2006. Richard was one of only a handful of Brits creating podcasts back then - so Richard was truly trail-blazing from his beach hut.

More recently Richard has published book one of Splidge, produced The Bald Explorer that is regularlly shown on the Community Channel here in the UK, and there are rumours that the big show is coming back!

Splidge the Cragflinger • Book 1

Splidge needs a job urgently.

He is only twelve, but if he cannot find employment he will be sent to the dreaded workhouse. The Royal Tournament takes place every six years. It is the national sport of Gud and King Guddamac is depending on it to save his Kingdom from rack and ruin. The Royal Cragflinger has died and the competition cannot take place without another one, so the King has a vacancy.

But someone has a plan to scupper the Tournament and an evil scheme to ‘improve’ the City forever. Can Splidge find a job? What is cragflinging? Why is a piggy-eyed man trying to kill him? Who is the leather-clad girl with the raven coloured hair? And, what are the small mop-like creatures that people are throwing around?

The first in a series of page turning adventures. The Purple Death and The Isle of Gid to follow shortly.