Brennig Jones

Brennig is an author, writer and freelance journalist - who also produces content for websites. He uses his talents to validate writing, film, video and audio production, to mitigate against continuity issues. Brennig also writes scripts for audio and video projects.

He haa a degree in Pyschology, a Masters in Business Administration and, just for fun, currently studying for a BA in English Literature and Language.

Crossing the Line

Got a nice job and a steady life? Chris Stone has, despite living a double life.

He's at the top of the career ladder, organised, methodical and he's got everything planned. And he's emotionally burnt out. Jacki Taylor is smart, professional, capable and a closet single mother. No sooner have Chris and Jacki fallen into bed but Vicky Randell - a gorgeous American with a secretive past and something to prove - comes on the scene.

Egos get bruised, the fur starts to fly and loyalties get tested. Set against the compelling backdrop of the competitive world of Three-Day Eventing crossing the line follows the pacey, racy and sometimes conflicting needs of Chris, Jacki, Vicky and a circle of wider characters as they see the year in - and out again. crossing the line weaves together a web of threads and along the way more than one kind of line gets crossed.

This crisply written tale gives you characters to love and hate - some you'll love and hate - but you'll find an ending which will have you reaching for the tissues.